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What should my CV contain?

Experienced performers:
You should put all your experience as a supporting artist and any acting experience you have. If you are a singer, dancer or performer, please add this in to you CV too.
If you do not have a performance CV, please create one as you would do for any job application. Any applications with a photo uploaded as your CV are automatically rejected.

Those without performance experience:
Those who are applying without experience may upload their normal employment CV. We make a decision on individual CV applications.

School leavers:
Those who have recently left full-time education, without previous employment may list any relevant education, such as drama GCSE/A-levels or extra curricular activities. We cannot take applications from under 18s.

Child Protection

Child protection regulations state that children have to be licensed by their local authority and chaperoned by a registered chaperone, when under the age of 18.

Celex does not provide licensing of children, therefore we cannot register children. There are many drama schools that do offer this service.

For more information on child protection, please read the
BBC's guidance on this.

Access to computer/smart phone

Having access to a computer and/or smart phone is essential as a supporting artist, made more so since the Coronavirus pandemic. This is because there are often forms that need to be signed on behalf of productions. Many productions have strict timing deadlines, meaning these forms need to be provided to you quickly and efficiently, usually via email or other electronic means.

We also are for saving the trees!

Right to work in the UK

The government implemented a law requiring all employers to check their employees right to work in the UK. Although Celex is not the employer of its supporting artists, the production companies are. We offer this service on behalf of production companies, meaning your personal information stays with us and is not shared with lots of different bodies and organisations, eradicating the risk of a GDPR breach in this area.

We ask for all artists to upload their British passport, upon registration as this is the easiest way to check. Those who do not have a British passport can provide us with alternative documentation. For full guidance on what this documentation can be, can be found on the
government's website.

DBS certificates

A DBS certificate is required every 18 months, for all productions, in order to safeguard children and vulnerable adults.
This was decided by PACT the TV trade association and many other major broadcasters, in 2016.

For more information on DBS certificates for supporting artists please
click here. Please do not apply for a DBS via this website. This is for information purposes only.

To apply for a basic DBS on the government website please
click here (cheapest and best method).

New Artists:

New Artist Requirements:
The following applies to all new artists.
Please hover over any
links for more information.

- You must upload a CV showing Acting/supporting artist experience or a drama/acting qualification/promo and/or modelling experience.
- You must be a minimum 18 years old.
- You must have
access to a computer/smart phone with email.
- You must renew your DBS certificate every 18 months or provide us with update service subscription proof on a yearly basis.
- You must have the right to work in the UK and be able to present proof of this for registration.

New Artists - Please note:
Due to a huge increase in new applicants, we are currently only accepting applications from those who have been recommended to us, with a valid reference code. If you do not have a valid reference code, please contact the person who recommended you.
For all other new applicants, please check back at the end of September 2021.

Those who have recently applied, thank you for your patience. We currently have a large backlog of applications to process, so normal waiting times are 6-8 weeks, rather than our usual 2 weeks.

Existing artists or re-registrations can request an account

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