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The Midlands' Largest TV & Film Casting Agency

Please note:
We are now taking on new SAs of all ages and ethnicity who are based in Nottingham and The East Midlands! Please head to our application page if you fit this criteria.

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About Celex

Let's set the scene: Apple was merely a fruit, Windows were for spying on neighbours and the Nokia 3210 was on everyone's wish list.

Can you guess the year? Give yourself a pat on the back if you said 1999!
This is when Celex was first established and has grown each year to be the largest agency in the Midlands.

Of course, some things have changed since then; the invention of email means productions no longer receive paper lists via a courier on a moped, for example!

One thing that has stayed the same however, is the exemplary service we provide to productions and our artists. In everything we do, our team is absolutely committed to go above and beyond, to ensure our clients proceed with complete confidence.

If you'd like to find out more about Celex and the faces behind the company, please head to our 'About Celex' page.

    Production Enquiries

    Production Team

    Whether you're casting the next blockbuster movie or a small staff training video, Celex has you covered!

    All of our artists are required to have:

    - A DBS check every 18 months
    - Up-to-date photos & measurements
    - Experience behind the camera

    We can provide:

    - Artist reports created to specific production or AD's needs
    - Electronic chits with auto calculations
    - 24/7 support, 365 days a year

    Artist Login

    Welcome Celexers!

    We're excited to announce our new artist login system has been launched!

    Supporting artists who are currently registered with us can get an account by speaking to one of the team.

    New Artists

    Welcome Newbies!

    We welcome new artists from all backgrounds to join us!
    We only accept artists who have previous acting experience or acting qualifications. Those with modelling and promo experience are also considered.

    You must be at least 18 years old & have had a DBS within the last 18 months, to join us.
    If you do not have a DBS, you can apply for one once you know whether your application has been successful.

    Please head to our new artist page for more information.

    Production Login

    Coming Soon…

    We currently offer a Chitless system, however, we are also constructing a web and mobile app, bespoke to Celex and customised to each individual AD's requirements.

    Once this is launched, ADs will be able to log in to the website/app and do all of the following:

    • view all artists currently in the building,
    • view artists due & their call times
    • sign artists in and out in real time
    • a simplified profile, which includes a photo of each artist & their role
    • auto calculations for all rates, which adds holiday pay & overtime automatically

    • No more working out artist's overtime.
    • Does not require an internet connection, so remote locations will not be a problem.
    • Built by Celex, so no need to wait for 3rd party software support.

    Please check back for updates on development of this system.

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